Abdominal "Courage"

Abdominal 'Courage'
Toronto rapper Abdominal has released a new song over the weekend to celebrate Mother's Day. And what better way to pay homage to your mother than getting her to rap with you?

Titled "Courage," the track features Abdominal (aka Andy Bernstein) and his mother exchanging some rather touching rhymes about the courage they see in each other.

According to a press release, the tune is the first to be revealed from Abdominal's upcoming record Sitting Music, which is due out sometime in September. He claims that he wasn't planning to drop any new music this early, but with Mother's Day on the calendar "felt that I really had no choice but to deliver this one into the world (little mom analogy there!)."

He also points out that the new track is totally radio and mom-friendly, so grab your mom and take a listen to "Courage" below.