A Perfect Circle "TalkTalk" (2D version) (video)

A Perfect Circle 'TalkTalk' (2D version) (video)
A Perfect Circle's Eat the Elephant recently earned the distinction of becoming the "world's first hologram album." Ahead of its arrival in the format as part of a deluxe edition, the band have shared a look at the visuals in 2D with a video for "TalkTalk."

The clip comes from a 58-minute visual recreation of the entire album, created by documentarian Steven Sebring. It follows Eat the Elephant's 12-track arc through the eyes of a young girl.

You can watch the striking sample of what's to come from the full experience below.

To view the "hologram" upon the deluxe edition's release, listeners will need to download a smartphone app and place a prism over their screen.

You can find further details on Eat the Elephant's deluxe edition here.