A$AP Rocky Could Be Detained in Sweden for Weeks Following Arrest

The rapper faces six years in jail if convicted of assault
A$AP Rocky Could Be Detained in Sweden for Weeks Following Arrest
A$AP Rocky is in some serious legal hot water in Sweden, and things may be more serious than we initially thought. Following the rapper's arrest for assault earlier this week, Swedish authorities may now detain him in the country for weeks. What's more, if A$AP Rocky actually goes to trial over the incident, he faces six years in prison.

As previously reported, A$AP Rocky was arrested on Tuesday (July 2) following an altercation in Stockholm over the weekend. According to a new report from TMZ, Swedish prosecutors are asking a judge allow them to hold the rapper and members of his crew for two weeks while they investigate the alleged assault.

As TMZ points out, Swedish authorities normally only hold people in custody for 72 hours in such cases.

While one of A$AP Rocky's crew members has been released due to "insufficient evidence," the rapper himself has not been set free. At this point, the investigation is ongoing, but if A$AP Rocky is convicted of assault in Sweden, he faces six years in prison, TMZ reports.

A$AP Rocky's arrest came as a result of a video obtained by Swedish police showing the American rapper getting into physical altercation with a young man over the weekend.

The incident apparently occurred after the man accused A$AP of breaking his headphones, and while the rapper initially tried to defuse the situation, the video eventually shows Rocky grabbing the young man and beating him before throwing him several feet into the air.

You can view one video of the incident below.