A$AP Rocky Arrested for Assault in Sweden

He's accused of beating and then throwing a man through the air
A$AP Rocky Arrested for Assault in Sweden
A$AP Rocky was reportedly arrested late last night on suspicion of assaulting a man in Stockholm.

The reported arrest came as a result of a video obtained by Swedish police showing the American rapper getting into a heated and physical altercation with a young man, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The video of the alleged incident was taken to police on Sunday (June 30), showing Rocky grabbing a man and then throwing him several feet into the air.

TMZ added that two young men claimed Rocky broke a pair of their headphones, leading them to follow the rapper and threaten to call police. While the rapper and his entourage repeatedly tired to brush them off, the argument then escalated, leading Rocky and three of his crew members to allegedly punch and kick one of the men before throwing him through the air. A$AP Rocky and his crew then fled the scene.

You can watch a video of the incident below.

Following the release of the video online, A$AP Rocky himself addressed the incident, posting his own videos on Instagram about the altercation. He added that the supposed victim was repeatedly harassing him and his entourage, saying "I'm innocent."

When reached by The Hollywood Reporter, the Stockholm Prosecutor Office was not immediately able to provide further information about the incident other than to say a request had been made for A$AP Rocky's arrest.