A18 Dear Furious

Usually, when an album begins with sirens, expect the worst. Another eyebrow-raising facet is a rhythm section that is credited to one person. As for the icing on the cake, they throw props to a "stylist" with an exotic name. Based on this initial information one could be quick to judge or readily presume it’s a joke, but the Victory seal of approval suggests style may in fact be the reason for the band's existence. Luckily these hasty assumptions are quickly proven wrong. Although typically simplistic, there’s something clever hidden in every song. Drawing from an older hardcore influence, without the meaty sound, A18 certainly create a mildly enjoyable framework. The production mashes out a clean sound, which may be due to a thin line-up, or just because they wanted to avoid the hardcore chug-holes countless groups wreck their musical vehicles in. The vocals always sound somewhat upbeat, usually being cleanly yelled. They have good ideas and unlike most, the difference between songs is a prominent aspect to their music. Their tunes sway between 100 Demons and the easy-listening metalcore that Victory is famous for. In this case, making generalisations based on their label can help or hinder, depending on what aspects personally garner attention. (Victory)