​DJ Quik / Mannie Fresh / Shash'u Le Belmont, Montreal QC, February 27

​DJ Quik / Mannie Fresh / Shash'u Le Belmont, Montreal QC, February 27
Photo: Josiah Hughes
One year and one day since he played in the very same club for the Red Bull Music Academy's Bass Camp, Montreal artist Shash'u commanded Le Belmont. Having both performed and participated in the energy drink's 2014 event, he's since signed with Fool's Gold and further established himself as a top tier artist. His opening slot on Friday night (February 27) further proved this, as he commanded his audience with a strong set of vintage hip-hop, suave g-funk and irresistible dance music. It was crowd-pleasing without relying too much on the Top 40 remixes he's used heavily (and well) in the past.

If the Shash'u crowd was receptive, however, they were downright riotous for DJ Quik. The West Coast hip-hop veteran had a packed crowd waiting for his arrival, and managed to deliver the goods, offering some seriously solid and truly timeless rap tracks to a packed Belmont; at this point, the venue felt more like a cramped house party than anything else. Sure, there were some awkward beverage shoutouts (from obvious choices like Red Bull to an ill-fated "I'm in Canada for the first time" call-and-response bit about Molson Canadian), but the set was a hell of a lot of fun.

The sweaty evening concluded with an appearance from Mannie Fresh, who'd already made quite the impression that day. Having arrived earlier than expected, he dropped by the PHI Centre earlier in the afternoon and hit the studios with the up-and-coming producers participating in the program.