50 Cent "United Nations" (video)

50 Cent 'United Nations' (video)
Earlier this week, we reported that 50 Cent got stood up by Chief Keef when the young Chi-town rapper neglected to show up to his own video shoot for Finally Rich single "Hate Being Sober." Rather than waste a day in the Las Vegas desert, though, 50 Cent opted to make the best of it and make a video for a cut of his own, 5 (Murder by Numbers) track "United Nations."

It's a super straight-forward video, with the rapper spitting his lines while driving down the highway in a Bentley, or parked on the side of the road while rocking a set of his SMS headphones and dangling his pricey neckwear off his ride's hood ornament. It might not be the flashiest of vids, but you have to give credit to 50 Cent for being a good sport and making the best of the brush-off.