Chief Keef Stands Up 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa at Video Shoot

> Nov 16 2012

Chief Keef Stands Up 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa at Video Shoot
By Josiah HughesAll eyes are on Chief Keef as we await the arrival of his Interscope debut Finally Rich. Now that he's shared the tracklisting and all the album's guest stars, we know that the album will include an appearance from 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa on a song called "Hate Being Sober."

The two famous rappers might not appear in the song's video now, however, as Chief Keef recently stood them up at a planned video shoot. As 50 Cent wrote on his Twitter, he was none too impressed with the Chicago teen.

"@chiefkeef didn't show up to his own video. I never saw anything like this on the first song," 50 wrote, adding, "Its not funny @chiefkeef didn't sell any records yet,they will pull the plug on him."

Presumably, 50 is going to try to get his buddy Dr. Dre on the case, as he also wrote, "SLIM U R dropped,you will get the call ths week.DRE's a boss nobody wants 2 tell him. It's OVER ☺"

While Keef's whereabouts on the occasion of the shoot remain unknown, he must have been okay. After all, a few hours before Fiddy's Twitter lashing, Keef tweeted a simple, "#HaHaHa."

Meanwhile, 50 may be missing out on an appearance in an upcoming rap video, but he still got his taste of the small screen with a recent appearance on the QVC home shopping network. Watch him hit on the hosts below.

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That video is gold.
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Holy crap, $300 for a pair of shitty wired headphones!
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Chief Keef is young and incredibly
stupid. So many people are in disbelief at his actions. While he's
tweeting ha,ha, ha. He will definitely
Not have the last laugh. He's barely
in the door and he's sabotaging his
career. When the realization of what he's done slaps his ass in the face. I'll be the first to laugh at his young dumb ignorant ass.
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