50 Cent "Everytime I Come Around" (ft. Kidd Kidd)

50 Cent 'Everytime I Come Around' (ft. Kidd Kidd)
Rapper 50 Cent has kept true to his promise of new material each week. It's at the point where we're almost setting our clocks to his leaks, as he's returned with another weekly leak from his upcoming Animal Ambition LP.

Frustrating typos aside, "Everytime I Come Around" is another excellent throwback Fiddy track from the upcoming album, which seriously looks like it'll be a return to form for the rapper. The song features a simple rap beat, and sees 50 Cent performing alongside frequent collaborator Kidd Kidd.

Check out "Everytime I Come Around" below, and please remember that "everytime" is not actually a word, but two words haphazardly jammed together.

Animal Ambition is due out June 3.