46 Short Just a Liability

In an attempt to revive the good ole days of Southern California hardcore, 46 Short opt for sharp, rapid, volatile, primal punk rage to pummel out their inner demons and social commentary. Absent are the songs about chocolate and girls, and thankfully present are topics pertaining to gun control, the forgotten rights of the mentally ill, and the hypocrisy of the American life and corporate America in general. "Just a Liability” acknowledges the old school hardcore fan in search of the modern day answer to the Dayglo Abortions (Feedus a Fetus-era), Aggression and Wasted Youth. Naturally it helps that 46 Short were present during those hardcore glory days, and went under the moniker of Final Conflict (a notorious band of that period and genre). So given that playing this fast and furious is almost intrinsic, it’s no surprise that the band produced such a rabid record. (Go-Kart)