Action Bronson Blue Chips 7000

Action Bronson Blue Chips 7000
Action Bronson has always been considered a consistent artist, and rightly so: He's a rapping machine with an incredibly complex rhyme scheme that often lands somewhere between absurdly comical and street, but always on point. The third instalment of his Blue Chips series, Blue Chips 7000, is no different. Held up by tedious sample clearance issues, the long-delayed project has finally hit (digital) shelves.
As expected, Young AB delivers an incredibly curated set of songs that are sequenced well; what the overall set lacks in emotion or any semblance of rhymes that delve into Bronson's personal life or any social issues, it more than makes up for with straight-up bars.
Not to say there aren't a few gems here. On "TANK," Bronson briefly references the fact that his mother had complications when pregnant with a sibling: "I do it for myself because there should've been a sequel / but, there were complications during birth." This type of deep analysis is difficult, though, amid comical bars like "My chick said I look like Kevin Bacon (for real) / I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not but I'll take it."
The production may have held up the release, but the results are stunning. The Alchemist laces up "La Luna," which is initially framed as a skit that finds Bronson rhyming over hold music while ordering limo service. Party Supplies, Knxwledge and Daringer all provide the album's soulful, sample-fuelled sound, while longtime collaborator Harry Fraud does the heaviest lifting on standouts "Bonzai" and the Rick Ross-assisted "9-24-7000."
While the project does have a mixtape feel to it as opposed to an album, it delivers a lot of heat. If you're a fan of the "Fuck, That's Delicious" host, then this project is a must-listen. (Atlantic)