Yes, You Can Buy a Dildo Shaped Like Aquaman's Dick

Of course you can

BY Josiah HughesPublished Dec 20, 2018

James Wan's new DC film Aquaman is not exactly good, but as The Shape of Water previously proved, a movie doesn't necessarily need to have a great plot as long as it fulfills our collective desire to become horny for fish men. Fortunately, our most base desires have been met via a new, Aquaman-themed dildo.

In news that will certainly have you screaming "oh fishsticks!" in no time, Mashable reports that a company called Geeky Sex Toys has put the finishing touches on its "AquaMoan" dildo. 

The saltwater sex toy is limited to 500 and will run you approximately $61 USD, but that's a small price to pay to have you moanin' for Momoa's manhood. Or, as Geeky Sex Toys puts it, "Let the King of the Seven Seas swim into the deepest darkest depths of your downstairs today!"

The dildo, which also gives off a bit of a Spongebob vibe, can be viewed below and purchased here.


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