The X-Files Colonization

Colonization is the third of the The X-Files mythology box sets, DVD collections that only contain the "alien"-related episodes of the successful series. It picks up midway through season five with the introduction of kid genius Gibson Praise, who shares a unique and much sought-after link to the aliens, and contains all the myth arc episodes through to the beginning of season eight and Mulder's disappearance (which, of course, marked the beginning of actor David Duchovny's extended absence from the show). Contained within are some of the best shows from this two-year stretch, including the "Biogenesis," "The Sixth Extinction" and "The Sixth Extinction II" three-parter that sees Mulder's brain succumbing to an unknown alien influence and Scully travelling halfway around the world to investigate a mysterious artefact that may be his only hope for recovery. The episodes on this four-disc set also introduce new characters Jeffrey Spender (an FBI agent, and the Smoking Man's son) and Diana Fowley (another FBI agent, and Mulder's ex-flame who helped found the X-Files), both of whom serve as effective foils for the team, as it's never entirely clear whose side either is on, or who will stay on. And Robert Patrick (Terminator 2: Judgement Day) appears in the role of Agent Doggett, who becomes Scully's partner after Mulder's seventh season abduction. As for extras, Colonization delivers six director commentaries — actor Robert Patrick assists on "Within." It also includes a third Threads of the Mythology doc that will be of particular interest to those who found the mythology in the later seasons of The X-Files confusing and hard to follow, discussing the different aliens at play in The X-Files universe at length and tying these episodes back to the feature film. There are also some smaller segments on how a couple of the special effects were created and the difficulties in moving the production of the show from Vancouver to L.A. (which occurred during the seasons featured here). While still only for diehards, completists or those who don't want to splurge on the full season box sets, Colonization proves itself the strongest of the mythology boxes thus far. (Fox)