Will Arnett Is Launching New Animated Horoscope Series

'Your Daily Horoscope' is coming to Quibi this spring
Will Arnett Is Launching New Animated Horoscope Series
Will Arnett and media company ATTN: are launching a new animated series for Quibi, a short-form mobile streaming service. The series is called Your Daily Horoscope, and it will launch with Quibi on April 6, 2020.

The new adult animation will feature 12 original characters based on signs of the zodiac and will deliver daily personalized content, five days a week. ATTN: will work closely with an expert astrologer for the project to create animated millennial animals, representing each sign, who all work at a tech startup. Users will be able to watch the series, as well as interact with daily horoscope readings assigned to each character.

Arnett will be launching the series alongside the final episodes of his (recently cancelled) Netflix animated series BoJack Horseman, but he appears excited about his new project with Quibi.

"We're so excited to be part of this unique show," Arnett said in a statement. "The odds of it coming together were astronomical… but I suppose it was written in the stars."

Quibi — short for "quick bites" — is a tech and entertainment startup in Hollywood that plans to deliver mobile content from industry heavyweights like Steven Spielberg, Steven Soderbergh, Don Cheadle, Idris Elba and more for a monthly fee. The platform plans to deliver 7,000 pieces of content a year following its North American launch this spring. So far, Walmart, PepsiCo and P&G have all signed on as brand partners.