'Watchmen' Season 2 May Still Be Coming, HBO Confirms

'Watchmen' Season 2 May Still Be Coming, HBO Confirms
HBO's Watchmen series was arguably one of the high points in 2019 TV viewing, meaning there's a real desire for second season. And by the sounds of things, HBO feels the exact same way.

While Damon Lindelof's series was initially billed as a one-off, the head of programming over at HBO is still hopeful for Watchmen Season 2.

"It is really up to Damon at this point, he is thinking about what he wants to do," HBO president of programming Casey Bloys told Deadline. "Truly, I don't know at this point whether it is a returning drama series or a limited series. I think one of the things Damon did so brilliantly was, he opened up this entire world. So maybe there is another version with a whole new set of characters. I don't know because Damon doesn't know, and I'm taking his lead on this."

Watchmen was originally created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons as a DC Comics series, meaning there is more than enough source material to work with.

"If it's a Season 2 — great, if it's a new take on the world — great, if it's something else completely, I'm just going take [Lindelof's] lead," Bloys said.

So while nothing is confirmed at this point, you may want to start crossing those fingers extra hard if you want to see Watchmen Season 2.