Watch Simu Liu Record "Push" Cover for 'Barbie' While Wearing Western University Merch

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BY Ben OkazawaPublished Nov 10, 2023

The actors' strike has ended, which means the belated on-set and promo Instagram dumps have just begun. First to celebrate from the Barbie cast is Kenada's own Simu Liu, who shared a series of behind-the-scenes memories from the set and studio, including a video of him and his fellow Ken's recording vocals for their cover of Matchbox Twenty's "Push." 

Never one to shy away from his Kenadian lore, Liu is wearing a Western University alumni hoodie in the video as a nod to his time as a business student at the London, ON, school. 

The post also features plenty of Ken content (Kentent? Con-Ken-t?) with fellow Kenadian Ryan Gosling, and Scott Evans and Ncuti Gatwa, as well as an epic shot of director Greta Gerwig mounting a car. 

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"Push," as performed in Barbie, is something of a misogynist anthem, with each Ken performing the track in true dude-bro fashion — fireside with an acoustic guitar — in an endless torture loop for a rotating cast of Barbies.

For his part, Matchbox Twenty frontman Rob Thomas thought the movie's use of the song was "hilarious," even though Liu's Ken takes credit for writing the track, and asks Margot Robbie's Barbie, "Wanna sit here and watch me [sing] while I stare uncomfortably into your eyes for four-and-a-half minutes?" 

Well, Barbie might not, but if you do, check out the full "Push" scene below. 

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