Tool's Maynard James Keenan Demonstrates the Jiu-Jitsu Move That "Could Have Saved Chris Rock's Life"

Watch the singer perform a "cuck block"

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Apr 1, 2022

Like seemingly everyone else on planet earth with a social media account, Tool bandleader Maynard James Keenan would also like to weigh in on the Oscars slap heard 'round the world.

We'll give him props for creativity, though: he decided to do it in the form of a video clip taken from his Brazilian jiu-jitsu practice at a martial arts academy, wherein he demonstrates a move that he claims "could have saved Chris Rock's life."

It's probably worth noting that um, Chris Rock is alive and well, and his life was not exactly in need of saving when Will Smith slapped him during the awards show for making an incredibly distasteful joke about the actor's wife's chronic illness.

But anyway, Keenan is eager to impart some self-defence techniques upon the comedian, in hopes to prevent any further incidents like this — and we can be grateful for that if it means the discourse finally comes to a long-overdue end.

Posted to Instagram, the video was filmed at the tool singer's own Verde Valley BJJ academy in Cottonwood, AZ, where he does his training. The clip sees him take up the gauntlet against an unidentified martial artist in a white gi, after shushing some on-camera onlookers — "Excuse me, we're filming!"

"We're just gonna go over some of the techniques that could have saved Chris Rock's life the other night," Keenan explains, before having his partner attempt to hit him with an overdrawn reenactment of the slap. The musician's solution? Blocking the incoming hand by raising his left elbow to protect his head.

"We call it a 'cuck block,'" the vocalist concludes. And if that wasn't enough of a red flag, he dug a little deeper in the caption.

"I realize we're on the ass end of beating this dead horse, but fuck it!" Keenan wrote, adding a #comedyfirstandalways for good measure and echoing Tim Heidecker's statement of heartbreak for comedy itself.

Watch the clip below.

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Keenan is a diversely talented being, and recently multi-tasked by working on his Jenga game during a Tool concert. A landmark scientific study also saw an ALS patient ask to listen to Tool via brain implant.

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