Tom Cruise Saw 'Tenet' in a Packed Theatre and Loved It

He made a little movie about it, too
Tom Cruise Saw 'Tenet' in a Packed Theatre and Loved It
While Christopher Nolan's Tenet seemed to promise the return to business-as-usual for cinemas and live entertainment worldwide amid the ongoing pandemic, the film itself, in all its dazzling cinematography, didn't exactly live up to the hype. But that didn't stop Scientology poster-boy Tom Cruise from checking it out inside a packed theatre anyway.

In fact, the actor appears to have loved the film — as well as its risky viewing location — according to a new video short posted to his Twitter that documents his trip to the movies.

In the clip, Cruise is seen heading out to a (curiously filled) London theatre, donning a mask and giving the Nolan blockbuster a succinct, three-word review: "I loved it."

"Great to be back in a movie theatre everybody," he says to his fellow moviegoers.

Though Cruise got an early peek, Tenet is out in theatres worldwide today, following many COVID-19-related delays.

While cinemas in Canada have yet to open in full capacity due to ongoing gathering restrictions and safety regulations, Ontario's Stage 3 reopening guidelines recently loosened restrictions on theatres to accommodate more attendees. Space is, thankfully, still limited to 50 people per auditorium.

Before you decide whether or not seeing Tenet is worth risking yours and others' lives, read Exclaim!'s review of the film, and check out Cruise's 30-second review below.