Three More Men Accuse Kevin Spacey of Sexual Assault and Harassment

Three More Men Accuse Kevin Spacey of Sexual Assault and Harassment
Earlier this week, Anthony Rapp publicly accused Kevin Spacey of making sexual advances towards him as a teenager. Spacey responded with a statement on Twitter where the actor said he did not remember the events. He may have to make more statements soon, as three more men have come forward with stories of Spacey's sexual misconduct.

As Variety reports, actor Robert Cavazos opened up about numerous encounters he had at the Old Vic theatre, where Spacey served as artistic director from 2004 to 2015. "It was more common for this guy, when he was in the bar of his theatre, grabbing whoever caught his attention," Cavazos said of Spacey. "I didn't stand for it, but I know some people who were afraid to stop it."

Speaking with RadarOnline, an actor named Tony Montana said Spacey grabbed his genitals at a bar in 2003. "I went up to order a drink and Kevin came up to me and put his arm around me," Montana said. "He was telling me to come with him, to leave the bar. He put his hand on my crotch forcefully and grabbed my whole package. I put my hand down and turned his thumb back to get his hand off it. I paid for my drink and got away from him."

A third actor, who chose to remain anonymous, told the BBC that he was invited to stay at Spacey's home in the 1980s when he was just a teen. The young man refused Spacey's invitation to sleep in his bed with him, opting for the couch instead. However, he claimed that when he woke up Spacey was lying on top of him on the couch. 

Spacey's Netflix show House of Cards was officially said to be ending after six seasons. However, yesterday (October 31) production on the show came to a halt.

UPDATE (11/2, 9 a.m. EDT): A representative for Spacey has issued a statement in response to the latest allegations. It reads: "Kevin Spacey is taking the time necessary to seek evaluation and treatment. No other information is available at this time."