This Year's Oscars Were the Lowest Viewed Ever

This Year's Oscars Were the Lowest Viewed Ever
From a bizarre and unexpected Eminem performance through a lack of inclusion for the late Luke Perry in the "In Memoriam" reel, the Oscars had plenty of head-scratching moments this year. But ultimately, who cares? No one watched them anyway.

Well, not no one. But this year's telecast of the Academy Awards was in fact the lowest viewed of all time. There were still 23.6 million people that tuned in, but that's the worst the show has ever done.

Previously, the worst-ever ratings for the Oscars took place in 2018 with 26.5 million viewers. The number spiked up in 2019, presumably because viewers thought they might repeat 2018's famous La La Land/Moonlight fiasco.

Still, this year's Oscars saw a 20 percent drop compared to 2019, losing six million viewers from last year. This year's Oscars scored a 5.3 rating among adults 18-49 in the fast national ratings — a 31 percent dip from 2019.

Awards shows in general are on the decline. This year's Grammys, for example, were the lowest-rated in history