Anicent Egypt Predicts Marge Simpson with Sarcophagus Drawing

The goddess Nut looks a little familiar...

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Jun 19, 2024

Though we're typically used to The Simpsons predicting things, it seems that the tables may have turned. A newly discovered artefact from Ancient Egypt may have foretold Marge Simpson, as it dons a drawing of the goddess Nut with yellow skin, a light green garment and a sky-high blue crown.

The sarcophagus was posted in r/ArtefactPorn, with the original poster saying it's from the 20th Dynasty of the new Kingdom, which is dated between 1189 and 1078 B.C.E. Redditors were quick to make the comparison to Marge, saying that the Egyptians and Greeks were neighbours, so it makes sense she married Homer.

Moreover, one of the drawing's feet has four toes while the other has five, making people wonder which side actually had the error, if this resting place is truly straight from Springfield. Check it out below.

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