These Full Colour Pics of the New Sonic Make Us Miss That Awful Silhouette

At least then we could use our imaginations

BY Josiah HughesPublished Mar 5, 2019

Jeff Fowler is set to direct Parks & Rec actor Ben Schwartz in a CGI Sonic the Hedgehog movie that's on schedule to destroy erotic Sonic the Hedgehog art as we know it. We've already seen the film's haunting silhouette (which you can revisit above), and now there are some full colour images.

The unholy images were leaked by a branding agency called Hamagami / Carroll, Inc. [via Polygon], and they include the cruel, hair-covered demon you see below.

The branding deck includes Sonic in a variety of poses. For some reason, the way he holds the giant ring is particularly unnerving.

Look at the images below, and pray the world ends before the Sonic movie hits theatres on November 8.

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