'The White Lotus' Actor Speaks Out on That Poop Scene

And the award for "most graphically realistic poop scene" goes to...

BY Alex HudsonPublished Aug 17, 2021

If you've watched The White Lotus, you already know all about that poop scene in the first season finale. And while the episode, which aired this Sunday (August 15), provided lots of answers, it likely left viewers asking one question: did actor Murray Bartlett (who plays Armond) actually poop in that climactic scene?

It was, after all, an unusually graphic human poop scene, in which we actually got a side view of the resort manager's butt as he dropped a log into the suitcase of a difficult guest.

Esquire asked Bartlett about the poop, and while he didn't go into detail about how exactly it was done, he did credit the "props department" and the "makeup department." (If it was real poop, he would have credited catering.) He said:

All I can say is that when I saw it, I was shocked. I did not expect that it was going to be so explicit and look so real. I think it's so brilliant in terms of the shock value. It was very methodically done, and very respectfully done, for me, which was really great. Those scenes are always weird to do and something like that, obviously it's just going to be awkward. There's no way around it. Who's going to be comfortable taking a shit in a suitcase with your pants around your ankles?

He continued, "I didn't realize it would look so authentic." As a viewer: neither did we!

The White Lotus is streaming on Crave in Canada. HBO has confirmed that show creator Mike White is working on a second season, which will take place at a different resort with a new cast.

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