The Soundtrack to 'Seinfeld' Gets Its First-Ever Release

Bass slaps, mouth pops and all
The Soundtrack to 'Seinfeld' Gets Its First-Ever Release
Since bass slaps and mouth pops never go out of style, the music to Seinfeld is finally set be released for the very first time as a new soundtrack package.

More than 23 years after the sitcom left us, the show's soundtrack by Jonathan Wolff is only now getting a proper release, with WaterTower Music delivering a 33-track OST album tomorrow (July 2). Believe it or not, this will mark the first time Seinfeld's music has actually been made available outside the actual show.

UPDATE (7/2, 11 a.m. ET): You can now stream the entire Seinfeld soundtrack below.

"It was 30 years in the making," Wolff told Variety.

The composer went on to explain that he's just as confused as anyone about why the music of Seinfeld has never before actually been released.

"It struggled for the first few seasons," he said. "We were an accidental hit. We were busy getting episodes out, and nobody was thinking about the music. And that's OK."

Wolff went on to say he had music from 180 episodes to choose from, so putting together the soundtrack — even one with 33 tracks — was no easy feat.

"Was it the primary audio of a famous Seinfeld scene? Did it contribute in a significant way to the comedy of the scene? And upon hearing it, will it serve as an instantly identifiable signature and bring warm fuzzies to a Seinfeld fan who will remember that scene?"

Among those tracks that did make the cut on the OST are  "Kramer's Pimpwalk," "Jerry the Mailman," "Jerry vs. Newman Chase," "Cable Guy vs. Kramer Chase," "Kramer's Boombox," "Peterman in Burmese Jungle" and "Waiting for the Verdict."

So if you've been waiting to break out your Elaine dance properly, get ready.