'The Simpsons' Is Doing a Live Episode, Somehow

'The Simpsons' Is Doing a Live Episode, Somehow
To quote "The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochy Show," very few cartoons are broadcast live. It is, after all, a terrible strain on the animators' wrists. The Simpsons will somehow attempt the impossible, however, with a live segment set to air in May.

While they offer very little explanation, Variety reports that The Simpsons will include a "live segment" in its May 15 episode.

More specifically, fans will be able to tweet questions to Homer Simpson with the "#HomerLive" hashtag, and he'll answer them live on air. He'll also comment on the days' events. In fact, the episode's live segment will be different during its eastern and western broadcasts.

We're assuming that the show's animators have come up with a way to match Dan Castellaneta's voice with a computer-animated version of Homer, which is an interesting prospect. Perhaps they'll turn Eye on Springfield into a weekly news program next.

Stay tuned for more information on The Simpsons' live segment as it becomes available.