The 'Scott Pilgrim' House Is Up for Sale

Located in the mysterious land of Toronto, Canada

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Aug 11, 2023

Do you have an extra $1.7 million burning a hole in your pocket? Have you still not grown out of your "Scott Pilgrim is my entire personality" phase from high school? If so, the opportunity of a lifetime awaits you: Scott and Wallace's house from Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is up for sale.

Located in Toronto's St. Clair West neighbourhood at 65 Alberta Avenue, the now-infamous dwelling is currently listed at $1,699,990. Though if you're hoping to attend an open house to see the "secret lair" occupied by Scott (Michael Cera) and Wallace (Kieran Culkin) in the film, you're out of luck.

It turns out the dark, on-brand-for-Toronto basement was re-created in a studio, and the apartment door is actually just 65 Alberta's garage door area. Too bad! Maybe some people would actually be happy to pay the exorbitant prices on basement units in this city if it were real.

Despite the illusion being ruined, it's quite a lovely house in a great neighbourhood to boot. With two kitchens, you'll definitely have enough room to store all of your different varieties of teas — and your milk and eggs, bitch. Just don't bring your two girlfriends over at once.

The sale of 65 Alberta comes just in time for the original cast of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World to reunite for an anime series based on the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels. Maybe they'll get the ending right this time!

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