The Oscars Will Be Live from Multiple Locations This Year

The Oscars Will Be Live from Multiple Locations This Year
The Academy Awards are happening a little later than usual this year, whatever the word "usual" might mean. Despite the wait, however, the Oscars will not be handed out in a standard ceremony. Instead, the show will be broadcast from multiple locations.

The show — which is being produced by director Steven Soderbergh, among others — will be broadcast from multiple different locations to create a special hybrid show that will hopefully be a little more entertaining than previous COVID broadcasts.

"In this unique year that has asked so much of so many, the Academy is determined to present an Oscars like none other, while prioritizing the public health and safety of all those who will participate," a spokesperson from the Academy said. "To create the in-person show our global audience wants to see, while adapting to the requirements of the pandemic, the ceremony will broadcast live from multiple locations, including the landmark Dolby Theatre. We look forward to sharing more details soon."

Academy president David Rubin added, "The upcoming Oscars is the perfect occasion for innovation and for re-envisioning the possibilities for the awards show. This is a dream team who will respond directly to these times. The Academy is excited to work with them to deliver an event that reflects the worldwide love of movies and how they connect us and entertain us when we need them the most."

The unique-sounding broadcast will take place on April 25 on ABC.