'The Bear' Star Matty Matheson's Toronto Restaurant Goes Viral Thanks to Entertaining Co-Owner

In Canada, we say "yes chef!" to Matheson and Rang Nguyen, not Carmy

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Nov 22, 2023

Carmy might be the big man in the kitchen on FX and Disney+'s The Bear, but in several Toronto restaurants, it's Matty Matheson — who plays non-cook Neil Fak on the show — who hears "yes, chef!"

The Fort Erie, ON-raised restaurant mogul and internet personality behind local favourites like Maker Pizza, Matty's Patty's and Prime Seafood Palace has seen one of his more recent endeavours go viral thanks to his own involvement as well as his eccentric co-owner and mentor. 

Located in Chinatown, the Vietnamese restaurant Cà Phê Rang is the product of Matheson's partnership with chef Rang Nguyen, who gave him one of his first cooking jobs in the early 2000s. This week, the pair reached tens of thousands of eyes in a new TikTok promoting their vermicelli bowls. And, while the food looks delicious, it's likely Nguyen's furious eating style and brazen bare belly pat that vaulted the clip to viral success. 

Previous videos putting Nguyen's personality on full display — with one even recreating the Wes Anderson challenge — are now resurfacing. 

So, even though you might not be able to eat Carmy's sandwiches featured in The Bear, Toronto has the next best thing: bành mí from the only real chef on the show (and his entertaining co-owner). Check out some clips of the pair at Cà Phê Rang below. 
@capherangrules Full bellies full hearts full vermicelli bowls!!! 🍲🍲 Delicious meatballs and crispy roll with peanut brittle and nuoc cham and more!! #mattymatheson #chefrang #capherang #toronto #vietnamesefood ♬ original sound - Cà Phê Rang
@capherangrules Chef Rang so handsome doing a trend!!! #wesanderson #wesandersontrend ♬ original sound - Jeremy Cascamisi
@capherangrules Matthew tries Chef Rang's new Fresh Red Ham Roll with peanut sauce and sour cherry sauce!! 😻😜🐷 #mattymatheson #chefrang #capherang #torontofood #vietnamesefood ♬ original sound - Cà Phê Rang

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