That 70's Show Season Five David Trainer

It’s difficult to know where to start with this offensive mess. There’s a character named Fes (and acronym for "foreign exchange student”) whose country of origin is kept a mystery so a string of questionable jokes can be made at his expense. And if that’s not bad enough, it’s constantly insinuated that he’s gay for even more tasteless laughs. Like a Wal-Mart version of Friends (like we needed one), That 70’s Show drowns in an adolescent soup of catchphrases, like "Burn!” or "Dumbass.” And if that’s not enough to turn you off, you’re in luck — the actors constantly "cute” things up by breaking character, playing their parts like self-conscious, ego stroking… dumbasses. Ashton Kutcher leaps around the screen like a hyperactive idiot, while Topher Grace does his best Tom Hanks impression. Best of all, the main romantic relationship between Eric (Grace) and Donna (Laura Prepon) is an awkward match with no chemistry, and since the whole season hinges on their secret engagement, you end up wondering why you should actually care? And of course, the women are objectified about five times as much as the men, but what else could we expect from this show? I suppose you could buy That 70’s Show Season Five for its rapid-fire jokes but two episodes back to back will have you reaching for the remote. Extras include a useless segment called "Season 5 In 5 Minutes” and cast interviews with Danny Masterson and an egomaniacal Wilmer Valderrama. (Fox)