Thai Food from Toronto's PAI Sent Robbie Amell's Pregnant Wife into Labour

Pad thai and spicy soup is all it takes, apparently

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Mar 12, 2024

When you just don't want to be pregnant anymore, there's nothing like some Michelin Guide takeout to bring a baby into the world. At least, that's what worked for Toronto-born actor Robbie Amell and his wife, Richmond Hill-born actress Italia Ricci

Amell was on the red carpet for a hometown premiere of Netflix's dystopian action flick Code 8: Part II, in which he stars alongside his cousin Stephen Amell, when he revealed the meal from local staple PAI that induced Ricci's labour.

"Jeff [Regular] the owner is awesome. When my wife was pregnant, we were out of the delivery area and he's like, 'What room are you in at the hospital?' and he sent over a big huge pad Thai dinner and soup, extra spicy," he told blogTO. "It put her right into labour." 

Met with an incredulous look from Stephen, Amell doubled down, saying, "Pretty much!" 

Although any medical doctor worth their salt would argue that spicy food isn't actually a catalyst for labour, maybe a good meal was just the fuel Ricci needed to give birth.

Amell co-produced Code 8 and its brand new sequel with Stephen, who's set to lead the upcoming Suits spinoff Suits L.A.

Watch him recount the story of his child's birth — with a special shoutout to PAI — below.

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