State of California Officially Names May 4 "Star Wars Day"

State of California Officially Names May 4 'Star Wars Day'
We're currently in the brief bearable moment online between May 1 ("It's gonna be May!") and May 4 ("May the fourth be with you!"), but rest assured that this Saturday is going to have plenty of Star Wars fans cracking the same jokes you've seen for years. May 4 is so popular, in fact, that California has made it official.

According to the Associated Press, the California Legislature successfully voted to make May 4 officially dubbed "Star Wars Day." 

The force-strengthening decision was tied to Disneyland's upcoming Star Wars-themed park Galaxy's Edge, which will open on May 31. The resolution also stated that Disney has a "decades-long record of enhancing the quality of life for people in California and beyond."

Look for plenty of Star Wars puns online and IRL when May 4 rolls around this weekend.