St. Vincent Scores New "Experiential Film"

The project premiered at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

BY Alex HudsonPublished Apr 14, 2018

Just six months on from MASSEDUCTION, art-rock shredder St. Vincent has already unveiled a new musical project. She has provided the score for an "experiential film" called Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions, which premiered this weekend at Coachella.

It's a unique-sounding project, which Pitchfork notes is being screened in a projection dome for a 360-degree experience. It's directed by Justin Bolognino and is based on an 1884 novella of the same name. The book satirized Victorian society by examining different dimensions (dubbed Flatland, Timeland, Mindland and Voidland). Learn more about the concept at the project's website.

It's already screening at Coachella and will reportedly also be shown at New York's Panorama Music Festival in late July. Beyond that, it's not entirely clear when and where it will be screened — given the unique parameters of the project, it seems rather unlikely that it will make its way to regular theatres.

There's no word as to whether St. Vincent's score will receive any sort of a stand-alone release, but you can get a taste of its futuristic sound by watching the trailer below. Also be sure to check out her upcoming tour schedule here.

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