Shot in Bombay Liz Mermin

Shot in Bombay Liz Mermin
A hilarious and action-packed look at the making of a true crime Bollywood film, Shot in Bombay follows the crew as they shoot a movie based loosely on a real event that took place in the city some years before.

A star-studded cast that includes Bollywood icon Sanjay Dutt and heartthrob Vivek Oberoi are involved in the making of Shootout at Lokhandwala, based on "true rumours” about the shootout in 1991 between police and gangsters at a Bombay apartment complex.

The connections between the Bollywood film industry and the country’s seedy underworld are told through a series of cleverly interwoven stories: the history of the real events, the production of Shootout at Lokhandwala, and the court case that the film’s lead actor has been embroiled in for the better part of a decade, in connection with some terrorist bombings in the city’s core.

The three stories come together seamlessly, overlapping glossy, fictionalised accounts with news footage from the real events,and tabloid-style coverage of star Sanjay Dutt’s court appearances. We hear from the real police chief (known as the city’s Dirty Harry), the actors and the hotshot director of the fictionalised account, Apoorva Lakhia.

In spite of the gritty and gruesome subject matter the film deals with it’s light-hearted fare, revealing the circus-like atmosphere of the Bollywood film industry and the relaxed attitude with which the players deal with seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

No matter how hilarious, frustrating or bewildering the behind-the-scenes mayhem gets, director Lakhia somehow manages to remain calm, ending each shot with his rousing catchphrase: "mindblowing!” and immediately moving on to the next scene.

More than just a "making of” documentary or an inside look at the filmmaking process, Shot in Bombay is a rare peek into a side of Bollywood we rarely see. (Littlebird)