Sacha Baron Cohen Has Reportedly Completed His 'Borat' Sequel

Industry insiders claim they've seen the movie
Sacha Baron Cohen Has Reportedly Completed His 'Borat' Sequel
Sacha Baron Cohen recently asked Who Is America? with his award-winning Showtime series, and while the show is not getting a second season we are apparently getting an even more high-profile sequel from the man. Following rumours last month, it really does look like Sacha has made a sequel to his beloved mega-hit Borat.

According to Collider, a handful of "industry types" have seen a cut of the Borat sequel. 

While details are vague regarding the film, it apparently sees Borat attempt to go "undercover" to interview people after becoming too famous from the events in the original 2006 movie. That's a nice meta layer to reflect the character's real-life infamy.

That's pretty much all we know, but Sacha has been spotted filming as Borat multiple times. Find a recent clip of him driving around Los Angeles below.