Ryan Gosling Is Taking On 'Wolfman'

Get ready for a lot of fur
Ryan Gosling Is Taking On 'Wolfman'
Get ready for another Universal Monsters reboot, as Ryan Gosling is set to revive Wolfman. Yes, Gosling is going to get all harry and howl at the full moon.

The news comes via Variety, who report Gosling will take on the lead role in the famous monster flick. So far, though, the project is in its very early stages.

In fact, Universal has yet to even find a director for the Wolfman film. However, Cory Finley — who directed the HBO drama Bad Education — is said to be in the running to helm the project.

Lauren Schuker Blum and Rebecca Angelo have penned the Wolfman script, however, and it is based on an original pitch by Gosling.

Wolfman will mark the latest modern retelling of a classic Universal Monsters property, with Elisabeth Moss earning rave reviews with The Invisible Man.

For now, stay tuned for more details as they become available — and our first harry shot of the Gos in full-frontal fur.