Room Lenny Abrahamson

Room Lenny Abrahamson
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Much of the buzz about Lenny Abrahamson's emotionally charged, oft-harrowing and gut-wrenching psychological thriller Room is about Brie Larson's Oscar-calibre performance — and it's all deserved. Larson's portrayal of a young woman held captive in a garden shed with the 5-year-old offspring (Jacob Tremblay) of said captor for nearly a decade is astonishingly layered and grounded (her vacillation between a stronghold and a mercurial depressive is commendable).
It's also a thoroughly immersive work that careens seamlessly from anxiety-inducing terror to touching drama to intimate observation, and has a firm grasp on the nature of childhood psychology and trauma, which is something most stories of this nature simply avoid.

  (Elevation Pictures)