There's not much to say about Punk'd that you don't already know. Ashton Kutcher, of That 70s Show and Demi Moore fame, pulls hidden camera practical jokes on celebrities and common folk alike. Given that this is a MTV show (the same folks who brought us Jackass), Punk'd is surprisingly not mean-spirited. It's also something that only a diehard Ashton fan could watch for more than one episode. If you ain't digging the Ashton, you ain't with Punk'd. The commentary is chatty and occasionally funny (although rarely courtesy of Ashton) — Dax Shepard, one of the improv actors who "punks" the targets, and Jason Goldberg, the co-creator, join Kutcher in the studio. As you might expect, Ashton is a bit self-absorbed and the commentary often has nothing to do with the show. These tangents are sometimes funny but when they start farting into the microphone and giving reports on peeing in the studio sink you want to tell them to shut up and get on with it. We do learn a few important things from the commentary, though. One: that Justin Timberlake isn't the douche they expected. Since being "Punk'd," and providing one of the show's best lines, "I feel like you're chastising me," he has earned their respect. Two: trailer park girls are easy. Three: there is nothing greater than shaking hands with Brad Pitt. Four: Tom Arnold is actually pretty funny. Five: Ashton has several theories concerning the size of a fellow's penis and his "manness." Of course, the idea of targeting celebrities with hidden cameras isn't new. TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes cornered this market in the mid-'80s. I found this style of show funnier when I was 12 and the celebrities were a lot less slick and aware. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, I miss Abe Vigoda. Plus: deleted scenes. (Paramount)