Punk-O-Rama The Videos: Vol. 1

One of those self-serving promotional compilations with a difference, this disc features 22 videos from almost every Epitaph artist to release an album in the last eight years. But in addition to being packed with crisp, digitally mastered videos, we get the bonus of several tracks from the brilliant 1992 Bad Religion live video Along the Way (11 minutes is fine but the whole hour-long thing would have been nice), live footage of the Bouncing Souls and a behind the scenes making of Pennywise's technically brilliant "Fuck Authority" video, in which the band is inserted into riots and global protests. But the highlight is a 40-minute documentary on the rise of Epitaph Records, from the little self-serving interest formed by Brett Gurewitz to distribute his Bad Religion albums to its meteoric rise, due almost entirely to the success of the Offspring's Smash disc. Sure, it's self-serving and glosses over some of the more sordid details of the label's trials and tribulations, but it's interesting and telling all the same. Extras: none. (Epitaph, www.epitaph.com)