'Paddington 3' Is Happening but It Just Won't Be the Same

Producer David Heyman says they plan to hire a different director
'Paddington 3' Is Happening but It Just Won't Be the Same
Everyone's favourite marmalade-guzzling, pants-less bear Paddington has managed to front two fantastic family movies. The second, aptly titled Paddington 2, remains the best reviewed movie ever on Rotten Tomatoes. Naturally, there are plans to make a third film — but it just won't be the same.

Specifically, director Paul King (also of The Mighty Boosh fame) will not be on board for the third instalment of the franchise. 

Speaking with Collider, producer David Heyman said the third Paddington film will likely have a different person at the helm.

"I don't think Paul King will direct the third," he said. "He did the first two — he and I are working on another project together… He's very special, Paul. We're developing a third Paddington. We haven't got a script yet, we've got a treatment which we're still working on."

Don't worry, that doesn't mean King's inimitable touch won't be on the third film.

"Paul is involved in it, I wanted him to be involved in it because I think he's such a significant voice, but I don't think he'll direct it," Heyman continued. "He worked on the idea… he comes up with the idea with Simon Farnaby and Mark Burton, and then they develop it and come back for more, back and forth, and then it'll get written and Paul will come in and stir it up a little bit."

The thought of allowing someone else to direct a Paddington movie is a little scary at this point, but maybe it would be nice to mix things up a little. We'd love to see someone like Lynne Ramsay or Panos Cosmatos or Lars Von Trier at the helm.