Outdoor Concerts and Films Are Opening Up Again in Ontario

The province will now move into Step 2 of its COVID-19 reopening plan on June 30

Photo: Rick Clifford

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jun 24, 2021

Ontario has officially announced plans to move into Step 2 of its reopening roadmap on June 30. This is a couple days earlier than the original plan, which had the province moving into its next phase on July 2.

This marks an important step for both the music and film industries — although indoor movies and concerts aren't allowed just yet.

According to Step 2 regulations, "Outdoor cinemas, performing arts, live music events and attractions [are allowed to open] at 25 percent capacity."

Indoor social gatherings of up to five people are also allowed, which means most bands will be able to gather and practice again (sorry, Broken Social Scene, you'll have to wait). Outdoor public events for up to 25 people are also permitted.

In order to reach Step 2, Ontario required at least 70 percent of adults to have one vaccination dose and at least 20 percent of adults to be fully vaccinated. Ontario's COVID-19 rates have declined sharply over the last couple of months; the province logged 296 new infections today, marking the fourth consecutive day with fewer than 300 new cases.

It will be at least 21 days until Ontario can enter Step 3 of its reopening plan; this requires 70 to 80 percent of adults to have at least one dose and at least 25 percent to be fully vaccinated. (Ontario has already reached those Step 3 numbers, according to the latest vaccination tallies.) Step 3 will allow some of the outdoor activities from Step 2 to take place indoors.

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