Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West Wayne Kopping

The next time you feel like a good scare, pass on the horror and make a beeline to the documentary section. You might find a copy of Obsession, indie director Wayne Kopping’s incredibly haunting take on Radical Islam’s utter hatred of America. The cover depicts a masked terrorist with a scorched American flag drooping in the foreground, flanked by the World Trade Centre’s rubble. And that’s nothing compared to what’s inside. Press play and you will see a string of video clips taken from Middle Eastern Media, including news reports, Islamic sermons, political rallies and terrorist propaganda. (Most of the clips are courtesy of Middle Eastern Media Research Institute, or MEMRI.) There are interviews with neutral Muslims, including the daughter of a "martyr,” as well as a former PLO terrorist, along with various experts on Islam and terrorism, such as Daniel Pipes and Steven Emerson. So far there’s nothing too shocking, until you hit the ten-minute mark that is. At this point things start to get disturbing. We see images of limb-less American troops being paraded through Baghdad by Jihad radicals (Bush’s "collateral damage”), beheadings (of mainly Western reporters) and seas of Islamic radicals, fists pumping in unison, chanting "death to America,” burning American flags and shooting their rifles in the air as their leaders spew anti-America propaganda so chilling even Hitler would tremble. This is all a gradual ascension to the film’s mind-bending zenith — school children and toddlers reciting putrid anti-Semitic propaganda and screaming, "I want to be a suicide bomber for Allah!” Kopping’s rhetoric is heavy hitting, to put it mildly, and what his camera captures just may scar you mentally. It’s all excruciatingly tough to swallow but it does serve as extremely important commentary on Radical Islam’s potential danger. (Peace Arch)