Not Another Teen Movie: Unrated Extended Director's Cut Joel Gallen

The DVD cash-grab is more often than not a rip-off of the devoted (aka, gullible) fan, and unfortunately for those looking for that little crumb of extra risqué footage, this re-release of Not Another Teen Movie actually pales in comparison to last year's primary release. Hailed as the "Unrated Extended Director's Cut," in which ten minutes of unseen footage have been added to the original film, it's hardly noticeable without reducing it to a snail-paced, frame by frame viewing. The biggest blow though is the claim that all the original bonuses have been added, as the 18 deleted scenes, including the film's original ending, are nowhere to be found. Instead, what we get is the same "had to be there" chuckles from the cast in the featurettes, Marilyn Manson's "Tainted Love" video (including the "making of") and Gallen's first short film starring Jenny McCarthy, which is actually worth the four minutes or so it requires to watch. However, what it comes down to for most people is the film, which to this day remains one of the most outrageously funny and enjoyably senseless mainstream films to be released. From the scandalous opening scene featuring a hasty vibrator, a birthday cake and a family sing-along to the gratuitous nudity, the "token" characters (the slogan sampling black guy, the cheerleader with Tourette's and the white kid who thinks he's Asian) and the superfluous homage/rip-off of every teenage movie that mattered (and didn't), this film has it all for those who seek happiness through someone taking a dump on his/her chest. Plus: trivia, auditions montage, yearbook. (Columbia/Sony)