Mel Gibson Might Direct 'Suicide Squad 2'

Mel Gibson Might Direct 'Suicide Squad 2'
Of all the ridiculous things that happened in 2016, one of the most surprising was the PR rehab of Mel Gibson. All it took was a hokey revenge thriller and a Christian war movie. Now, provided he doesn't spit anymore racial epithets, it looks like Gibson is in the running for another major gig.

The director and actor is currently in talks with Warner Bros. to helm their forthcoming Suicide Squad sequel. 

Deadline confirmed that Gibson was having discussions with the studio, while The Hollywood Reporter added that Gibson was familiarizing himself with the material.

He's not the only director in the running for the job. Other helmers being considered include Daniel Espinosa, Ruben Fleischer or Jonathan Levine.

No matter who helms the film, only time will tell if they can make a worse movie than the impressively bad first Suicide Squad flick.