Maude Apatow Says She Auditioned for 'The King of Staten Island' Even Though It Was Directed by Her Dad

"We held a bunch of auditions, and Maude stood out from day one," Pete Davidson added

Maude Apatow in 'The King of Staten Island'

BY Josiah HughesPublished May 28, 2020

Next month, Pete Davidson's new comedy The King of Staten Island will arrive as a VOD release. The film was directed by Judd Apatow and features one of his most frequent collaborators — his daughter, Maude. While she's appeared in plenty of Judd's films in the past, however, she insisted that she made sure to audition for the role.

In a new interview with Variety, Maude explains that her father had made her aware of the movie but she didn't want to get any special treatment. "My dad talks to me about everything all the time, so he was showing me parts of the script," she said. "I always want to make sure I can prove myself and that I'm right for it and that it's not just given to me."

Judd Apatow agreed, telling Variety that it was important for Maude to audition. "I wanted to make sure the chemistry with Pete was correct and wanted to see them together, to see what their vibe was," he added.

"We held a bunch of auditions, and Maude stood out from day one," Davidson said. "I was always a fan of Maude, and right after we read with her, we were like, 'Bingo!'"

Maude Apatow previously appeared in Knocked UpFunny People and This Is 40, all of which were directed by her father. 

The King of Staten Island will be released as a video-on-demand release on June 12. Its trailer can be viewed below.

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