​Margot Robbie Will Play Barbie in Upcoming Live-Action Film

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Jan 9, 2019

Following up critical praise for her roles in films like Mary Queen of Scots and I, Tonya, Margot Robbie has revealed that her next onscreen role will be Mattel's most iconic toy — Barbie.
In addition to starring as the famous doll in an upcoming live-action film, Robbie will also co-produce the movie under her LuckyChap Entertainment company.
In a statement, she said that the film will have a "tremendously positive impact on children and audiences worldwide."
Mattel previously tried to get a live-action Barbie film off the ground in 2017, but it never came to fruition after its star Amy Schumer backed out.
According to IMDb, the upcoming Robbie film will follow the previously unveiled storyline of a doll getting kicked out of Barbieland for "not being perfect enough" and heading off on adventures in the real world.
Alethea Jones will direct the film, while the script will be written by Olivia Milch. It's expected to be released in 2020.

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