Marge Simpson Has Entered the 2020 Election Discourse

She's shared a new video in response to Donald Trump's senior legal adviser Jenna Ellis
Marge Simpson Has Entered the 2020 Election Discourse
As if this weird, bad year weren't weird and bad enough, we've still got an American election to get through. In other words, reality is about to warp even more than usual. First up? Marge Simpson has entered the political discourse.

Earlier this week, Donald Trump's senior legal advisor Jenna Ellis tweeted that the Democrat's vice-president nominee Kamala Harris sounded like Marge Simpson:
Whether she was offended by the use of her name or at the prospect of being compared to Kamala Harris is unclear, but Marge Simpson has now responded with an animated statement of her own.

"I usually don't get into politics, but the president's senior adviser Jenna Ellis just said Kamala Harris sounds like me? Lisa said she doesn't mean it as a compliment," Marge said. "If that is so, as an ordinary suburban housewife, I am starting to feel a little disrespected. I teach my children not to name call, Jenna. I was going to say I am pissed off, but I am afraid they would bleep it."
Marge's statement has since been praised by Democrats and roasted by Republicans, including Ellis who said, "Marge is probably going to vote Democrat... by mail."

It's going to be a long fall, folks.

Of course, The Simpsons facing off against Republicans is an old tradition. In 1992, George HW Bush said that American families needed to be "a lot more like the Waltons and a lot less like the Simpsons." The Simpsons released a video responding to the speech, which you can view below.