The Lost Boys Joel Schumacher

"Sleep all day, party all night; it's fun to be a vampire." Yes, Kiefer Sutherland and company did make it look cool and fun to be a vampire with the leather jackets, motorcycles, hair metal dos and curfew-free lifestyles, not to mention the ability to fly. However, they died in the end, and that didn't look like much fun. Instead, I wanted to be one of the Coreys (and some days still do). Back in the late '80s, you couldn't get a hotter couple than Haim and Feldman, and The Lost Boys was the film that started it all. Also launching the career of Jason Patric, Schumacher's modern, hip thriller was so much more than the typical vampire flick, adding comedy, a good soundtrack (for the time) and an unbelievable cast. Even the age-old story of a family moving to a new town (Santa Cruz, the murder capital of the world, in this case) and trying to fit in didn't seem to weaken the picture. Michael (Patric) befriends vampires and becomes one as well, while Sam (Haim) makes friends with local weirdoes the Frog brothers (Feldman and Jamison Newlander), who kill vampires. In between is the mom (the always reliable Dianne Wiest), who in turn dates a vampire (Edward Herrmann). DVDs are supposed to bring something new to films and The Lost Boys offers more than any hardcore fan could even imagine. A second disc features a ridiculous amount of extras, such as a retrospective documentary (interviewing all cast members), "Inside the Vampire's Cave," with four separate featurettes about the vampires (including interviews about the ideas for the lost sequel), and a reel of deleted scenes that seriously goes on forever. However, the piece de resistance is "Haimster and Feldog: The Story of the Two Coreys," which relives the glory of their tag team career. With such a comprehensive package available, the only unanswered question that remains is what the hell happened to Tim Cappello, the saxophone playing bodybuilder who fronted the band on the beach? He had so much promise. Plus: commentary, photo gallery, music video, interactive map. (Warner)