John Waters Lists His 10 Favourite Films of 2015

John Waters Lists His 10 Favourite Films of 2015
Now that December has hit, it's time for everyone to start rolling out an overwhelming amount of year-end lists. It gets a little exhausting after a while, to be sure, but not when the lists come from someone as open-minded, creative and downright wacky as John Waters.

Speaking with Art Forum, the legendary cult director shared his top ten flicks of the year. As could be expected, it's a wonderfully diverse list that smashes the highbrow/lowbrow divide and showcases a love of sex scenes.

Waters' top choice is Helmut Berger, Actor, Andreas Horvath's documentary about the former movie star. He calls it simultaneously the best and worst film of the year, praising it for its onscreen ejaculation scene. Similarly, he loved Gaspar Noé's Love for showcasing "heterosexual rimming" in 3-D at the Cannes Film Festival.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Waters also loved movies that carried some innocence. Todd Haynes' Carol, for example, he called "shockingly tasteful," while Cinderella was his second favourite flick of the whole year. "I fucking love this Disney film," he said.

There was also a healthy amount of Cancon on the list as Waters loved Guy Maddin and Evan Johnson's The Forbidden Room as well as Xavier Dolan's Tom at the Farm.

Check out Waters' full list of favourites below, and read his commentary on each film here.

1. Helmut Berger, Actor (dir. Andreas Horvath)
2. Cinderella (dir. Kenneth Branagh)
3. The Forbidden Room (dir. Guy Maddin and Evan Johnson)
4. Tom at the Farm (dir. Xavier Dolan)
5. Mad Max: Fury Road (dir. George Miller)
6. Carol (dir. Todd Haynes)
7. The Diary of a Teenage Girl (dir. Marielle Heller)
8. Tangerine (dir. Sean Baker)
9. Fly Colt Fly: Legend of the Barefoot Bandit (dir. Adam Gray and Andrew Gray)
10. Love (dir. Gaspar Noé)