Jackass: Volumes Two and Three

It's easy to dismiss Jackass as stupid, juvenile, masochistic, sadistic and cruel. But it's just as easy look past its lowest common denominator pandering to see the hilarity, absurdity and sublime creativity laced throughout the gross-outs and death defying stunts. Granted, even converts don't champion it as "genius," but for anyone that ever watched a guy get shot in the nuts, while wearing a cup, by numerous paintball guns and laughed until it felt like they would puke, Jackass is downright gut-busting. Volumes Two and Three collects skits, bits, stunts and segments from the MTV show. (Volume One seems to be lost in legal limbo.) It's not exactly sporting sterling production values, and the skits and stunts that miss the mark usually miss terribly, but overall it's way funnier than it is uncomfortable or stupid (granted, it is uncomfortable and stupid a lot). Volume Two highlights the "cup test" with Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O snorting a worm through his nose and out his mouth, both being pelted with oranges by jai alai players and "bobbing for jellyfish." Volume Three features two disturbingly funny similar skits "Bloody Carpet" and "Bloody Windshield," where Knoxville makes over a car as if he just hit someone and drives it to gas stations to clean it up. But Jackass's main charm, and the reason why it works, is the inherent charisma of Knoxville and that of many of his cadre of rogues, even while they endure unthinkable tortures. Extras: trivia game, photo gallery, cast bios, bleeped cuss words, blurred genitalia. (MTV/Paramount)