Is This Netflix Tweet Teasing More New 'Gilmore Girls' Episodes?

Is This Netflix Tweet Teasing More New 'Gilmore Girls' Episodes?
Gilmore Girls made a triumphant return earlier this year with a four-episode Netflix reboot dubbed Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life — catching us up on what Rory, Lorelai and the beloved Stars Hollow townsfolk have been up to since the show originally ended in 2007.
The new series let us in on one year in the Gilmores' lives through four 90-minute episodes (one for each season), and ended on a major cliff-hanger. The final episode closes — major spoiler alert — with Rory telling her mom that she herself is pregnant, though the identity of the father is left a mystery. Whether the baby's genes belong to Logan, Rory's Wookiee one-night stand or whomever that third option is in the picture, viewers are left believing that Jess will most likely be the one to step into a Luke-like father role.
Now, a recent tweet from Netflix has fans hoping that some actual definitive answers could be on the way in the form of new Gilmore Girls episodes. The streaming service posted a photo of a "Finding My Father" science fair project that pits the DNA of Logan and the Wookiee against each other (in a perfect throwback to April Nardini's experiment on the original series that revealed that Luke was her dad).
Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has been extremely tight-lipped about any upcoming additions to the series, though she hasn't outright denied the possibility of new episodes, offering vagaries like "never say never" and "whatever happens, happens."
Netflix also hasn't confirmed that any more episodes are officially in the works, but you can see the tweet that's spawning rumours down below.